Be Kind to your Immune System


Be Kind to Your Immune System
Be Kind to Your Immune System

We're still in Lockdown and we are all having to make the best of Social Isolation. As yet there is no known cure for COVID so my recommendation is to go for an ounce of prevention: do whatever you can to keep your Immune System at its best.

I was introduced to the Triangle of Health as a student, many years ago. It’s a simple concept but powerful because like any good diagram, it saves a 1000 words.

If all three sides of the triangle are optimised you will be healthy. Two out of three, you will be mostly okay with the occasional glitch. One out of three: a bit vulnerable. None out of three: you need help!

Mental: I explained “reframing” in my previous blog post. Its still working for me. Have a look if you missed it or want to be reminded. Protect your body chemistry by conscious choice and judicious manipulation of your map of reality.

Nutrition: its time to enjoy free Vitamin D! From now until the end of September there is enough energy in sunlight to convert cholesterol in your skin into Vitamin D. Half an hour exposure per day to outdoor sunlight is enough for most people, less if you are fair skinned, more if your skin is darker. Do not burn! Remember that vitamin D is fat-soluble so if you come straight indoors and shower, with soap, you risk washing it away. Wait a few hours for it to be absorbed.

Diet. Now is not the time for drastic change! Eat the food that you are used to and that you can digest easily. Do not stress your digestive system by over-indulging.

Mechanical: let’s aim for moderately active. The World Health Organisation recommend walking 3km in 30 minutes or less, three times a week. “Or the equivalent” – my emphasis! Running, cycling, video class, rebounding, tap dancing… whatever you enjoy. Again, do it in moderation, you want to support your immune system, not load it with stress chemicals. You want to keep your metabolism at its optimum level. The two extremes of doing nothing and doing too much are both unhealthy. Find the middle way.

Be well, stay safe.

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Bill Ferguson, Osteopath
8th April 2020

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