17 February 2017

You needn’t walk alone

We all know that walking is one of the best and safest forms of exercise. It calms the mind, improves circulation and keeps you young. Despite all this…

“I know I should walk more, but it’s boring!” Complained a patient. I sympathised and showed him my latest techie toy. It’s called a SanDisk clip sport mp3 player. It weighs less than some name badges and has a spring clip that you can easily attach to whatever you are wearing. It holds 8Gb of stuff (that’s around 130 hours of music). You can download audiobooks, podcasts and music by plugging it in to your computer. It has a rechargeable battery that refills off a USB socket and lasts for ages. And it has a built in FM radio.

I bought mine for £30 and I love it. See technology at John Lewis

Anyway the patient was duly impressed and next time I saw him he told me he had bought one. I asked him if he had found any good podcasts and he said “no, I can’t be bothered with all that, the radio is enough for me and I can’t believe how good the sound is!”

The good news is that he now feels perfectly happy going out most days for a 30-40-minute walk with the radio for company.

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