29 October 2014

Heads I win, tails you lose - NICE Guidelines

That’s how it seems with NICE guidelines. If your hospital appointment or treatment is outside of the recommended waiting time and you dare to complain the official line is “well they are only guidelines”.

On the other hand if you request a procedure or test that is out of the ordinary you are liable [...]

4 July 2013

What does an osteopath do

I was squirming a bit during the interview. “What do you do?” Me “I’m an osteopath” “What do you treat?” Me “all sorts of things” “Can you be more specific?”

Then we moved on to easier subjects. Some history and context, and my views on continual training. And then there was a photo of me [...]

28 January 2013

National Awareness Campaigns

It seems to me that every day is a national awareness day for one thing or another. It was only when I discovered this website www.national-awareness-days.com that I realised the scale of the problem. Here is the list for February, and there may be more:

Acupuncture Awareness Week Bramley Apple Week British Yorkshire Pudding Day [...]

14 January 2013

Plumbing and Osteopathy – does it hurt when U-bend

I was chatting to a patient this morning and we gradually realised how similar our work patterns are. He is a plumber and his clients tend to fall into three discrete groups: emergencies, upgrades and maintenance. His maintenance clients tend to be those with boilers that need a clean and a once over every year. [...]

13 July 2012

Osteopaths say - Bye Bye BUPA

After 11 years working together I hate to say this but it is – “Bye Bye BUPA”. Here is a link to a fuller explanation of the changes that BUPA are imposing in their new contract www.save-osteopathy-on-bupa.org and here is my open letter:


BUPA are currently in the process [...]

23 October 2011

Dealing with risk - osteopathy risk or scaremongering

I went to an award ceremony earlier this year. It was held in Lanzarote, in a castle, designed by the famous local artist César Manrique and built from blocks of volcanic lava. The holes formed by escaping gas when the lava was molten are just the right size to trap a high heel. Inside [...]

23 July 2011

The River - a moral tale - and regulation of osteopaths

A person is walking by a river when he sees someone drowning. He jumps in pulls them to the bank and gives the kiss of life. Then he notices someone else drowning so he jumps back in, rescues them, pulls them to the bank and so on. By now one or two other people [...]

18 August 2010

Forward opening doors - a gimmick or a breakthrough in car design

The new Vauxhall Meriva has doors that open the opposite way to normal, a bit like the Morris 8 that James Herriott used to drive in ”All Creatures great and small”.

I think Vauxhall are missing the point – it’s the seats that cause the problem more than the doors. Instead of [...]

21 June 2010

Carpets of Salt

I’ve been on holiday. Even when I have time off it’s hard to stop seeing every activity from a professional angle. Each sport and every physical activity has its risks and the "alfombras de sal" weekend in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands is no exception.

Corpus Christi – Arecife 2010 – Lanzarote

23 May 2010

Sciatica is Punishing the Young as well as the Old

Our modern lifestyles mean that we spend more hours sitting at work than ever before. Sciatica used to be a problem affecting mainly middle aged or elderly people who sit a lot, nowadays it is also affecting people in their 20s and 30s. My colleague Gary Trainer has written an excellent article about sciatica [...]

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