14 January 2013

Plumbing and Osteopathy – does it hurt when U-bend

I was chatting to a patient this morning and we gradually realised how similar our work patterns are. He is a plumber and his clients tend to fall into three discrete groups: emergencies, upgrades and maintenance. His maintenance clients tend to be those with boilers that need a clean and a once over every year. [...]

21 June 2010

Carpets of Salt

I’ve been on holiday. Even when I have time off it’s hard to stop seeing every activity from a professional angle. Each sport and every physical activity has its risks and the "alfombras de sal" weekend in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands is no exception.

Corpus Christi – Arecife 2010 – Lanzarote

12 February 2010

Could bacteria be the cause of low back pain

Interesting article in the Daily Mail – "Could bacteria have caused your Back Pain? (And will a simple dose of antibiotics cure it for good?)". The suggestion is that injured discs can provide a home for blood-borne bacteria, the resulting infection then affects the bone and makes it swell leading to low back [...]

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