4 November 2015

I had to smile

A delightful lady now in her eighties has been visiting me for the past fifteen years every month or so for an osteopathic “top up” and she swears it keeps her agile and flexible. She has little sympathy for her friends, often younger, who grumble about their aches and pains. “Go and see an Osteopath” [...]

4 July 2013

What does an osteopath do

I was squirming a bit during the interview. “What do you do?” Me “I’m an osteopath” “What do you treat?” Me “all sorts of things” “Can you be more specific?”

Then we moved on to easier subjects. Some history and context, and my views on continual training. And then there was a photo of me [...]

13 July 2012

Osteopaths say - Bye Bye BUPA

After 11 years working together I hate to say this but it is – “Bye Bye BUPA”. Here is a link to a fuller explanation of the changes that BUPA are imposing in their new contract www.save-osteopathy-on-bupa.org and here is my open letter:


BUPA are currently in the process [...]

21 February 2010

Osteopath saves the career of England rugby star

Article in News of the World this week about Mark Cueto the England rugby player.

The editorial is mainly about him allowing his body to be used as a canvas for artist Carolyn Roper to paint his muscles. In the interest of decency she seems to have painted over his shorts, well we [...]

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