29 October 2014

Heads I win, tails you lose - NICE Guidelines

That’s how it seems with NICE guidelines. If your hospital appointment or treatment is outside of the recommended waiting time and you dare to complain the official line is “well they are only guidelines”.

On the other hand if you request a procedure or test that is out of the ordinary you are liable [...]

18 August 2010

Forward opening doors - a gimmick or a breakthrough in car design

The new Vauxhall Meriva has doors that open the opposite way to normal, a bit like the Morris 8 that James Herriott used to drive in ”All Creatures great and small”.

I think Vauxhall are missing the point – it’s the seats that cause the problem more than the doors. Instead of [...]

9 March 2010

Aquarium fungicide might help low back pain

Tropical fish fanciers will be familiar with methylene blue as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial chemical used to keep fish healthy. Today the Daily Mail report on a trial carried out in China by orthopedic surgeons and reviewed by Professor Bogduk for the medical journal Pain. The Chinese surgeons suggest that injecting Methylene Blue into [...]

12 February 2010

Could bacteria be the cause of low back pain

Interesting article in the Daily Mail – "Could bacteria have caused your Back Pain? (And will a simple dose of antibiotics cure it for good?)". The suggestion is that injured discs can provide a home for blood-borne bacteria, the resulting infection then affects the bone and makes it swell leading to low back [...]

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