11 February 2015

I have two Kindles

Since my original blog post nearly 5 years ago I have been a convert to Kindle. No more heavy books to lug around and strain free reading. I have yet to encounter a repetitive strain injury due to Kindle. It ticks all the boxes.

I have two Kindles, one I bought four and a half years ago the other is a “rescue Kindle”. Neglected and abused, it was picked up and played with on Christmas day by its first owner for half an hour before the novelty wore off.


Although it was loaded up with books it was ignored while the iPad got all the attention. It languished unused and when every three or four weeks I saw the plaintive flash of its flat battery I would pick it up and recharge it until eventually I realised this pattern was not going to change. This was when I decided to adopt. Kindle2 is now part of my techie toy family and seems happy to get exercised nearly every day.

You can deduce from this that I read a lot.

And you may be wondering why am I writing about Kindles on what purports to be an osteopathic blog?

Well it’s that… while I am treating patients we often chat and the conversation often turns to books.

As an experiment I decided to include on my blog, the titles of the books I am currently reading on my pair of Kindles. If nobody is interested, or if I get bored with the experiment…no harm done!

In progress on Kindle1 is “Letters from a Stoic” by Seneca (Penguin Classics – Robert Campbell translation 1969). This is a serious read, a philosophy that sets down guidelines for a more cheerful and appreciative existence. By deliberately contemplating the worst things that life could throw at you your expectations are reset to such a low level that normal events become pleasant surprises and you live more “in the moment”. I am taking this collection one letter at a time.

Just finished on Kindle2 is “The Rebels of Ireland, The Dublin Saga by Edward Rutherfurd. My third consecutive read from this author. First of all I read “London” a series of hops and skips from pre-Roman to almost current time, following loosely the genetic lines of individuals who shaped and were affected by the history of their times. Along the narrative there are snippets of fascinating facts such as: Scotland Yard used to be where visiting dignitaries from Scotland stayed when visiting Court in London.

I followed up with “New York” and saw elements of the same time line from the American perspective and how the two narratives intertwined more and more as the transport links became stronger. Again we ended within five years of the present.

“The Rebels of Ireland” opened my eyes to Irish history; we didn’t get this stuff at school! Against the backdrop of the previous two books I got some appreciation of the power struggles and influences of England, America and France on Irish history. This author has written more books each based on a place and a time line. He is on my list but I feel the need for a change of genre.


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