Plumbing and Osteopathy

I was chatting to a patient this morning and we gradually realised how similar our work patterns are. He is a plumber and his clients tend to fall into three discrete groups: emergencies, upgrades and maintenance. His maintenance clients tend to be those with boilers that need a clean and a once over every year. Mine are the individuals who like to keep their bodies flexible and feeling comfortable and they come along for a "loosen up" every three to eight weeks (it varies a lot). His upgrades are the clients who decide to have a new kitchen or bathroom because the old one is tired, or dysfunctional or no longer to their taste. My "upgrades" tend to be the patients who have come to realise that they creak and ache and are seizing up. Typically they get a shock when an old easy activity suddenly hurts, like turning to look right at a junction when driving. Or discovering that you don’t turn your head any more, you turn your whole body. And then we both have the emergencies. Sometimes they are due to lack of maintenance but other times things just happen. Sport, gardening and falling, twisting, lifting injuries are responsible for most of my emergencies. Most plumbing emergencies are when things stop working; like central heating systems. The only difference I suppose is that you can replace your entire plumbing system if necessary. Unfortunately you only get one body.

Plumbing and osteopathy