14 January 2013

Plumbing and Osteopathy – does it hurt when U-bend

I was chatting to a patient this morning and we gradually realised how similar our work patterns are. He is a plumber and his clients tend to fall into three discrete groups: emergencies, upgrades and maintenance. His maintenance clients tend to be those with boilers that need a clean and a once over every year. [...]

30 November 2010

How to deal with a sore throat

I have researched three methods and they work for me, usually, but not always. Let me know how they work for you.

Gargle with nasty cheap red wine. You know the wine that you get for free with a five euro lunch in France, it will be high in tannins and other phenolic chemicals [...]

4 November 2010

Acupuncture treatment for anxiety

We now know which parts of the brain are involved with feelings of anxiety, sadness and pain. See the Sky News article for further information.

The two main parts of the brain that increase their activity when we feel stressed or anxious are the prefrontal cortex and the limbic centres. Recent [...]

11 October 2010

Why Hungarian red sludge is such bad news

Red sludge is a by-product from the Bayer process, used to extract aluminium from Bauxite ore. Over time the sludge will separate into two phases, a highly alkaline liquid and a sediment of arsenic and heavy metals (mainly chromium, manganese and nickel). The two phases are usually dealt with on site in different ways [...]

24 August 2010

What is the point - sham acupuncture

Yet another waste of time. What is this obsession with sham acupuncture? Anyone who is involved in acupuncture realises that the effect begins when the tip of the needle touches the skin of the patient. After that there are two variables: the intensity of the treatment and the responsiveness of the patient.

21 June 2010

Carpets of Salt

I’ve been on holiday. Even when I have time off it’s hard to stop seeing every activity from a professional angle. Each sport and every physical activity has its risks and the "alfombras de sal" weekend in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands is no exception.

Corpus Christi – Arecife 2010 – Lanzarote

24 February 2010

Sharpen your mind with a Siesta

I was talking to a medical colleague who had recently been to China. While there she had a conversation with some Chinese doctors about the types of complaints they encountered most often. When she asked how many patients complained of TATT (tired all the time) they looked blank. So she explained what she meant: [...]

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