14 January 2013

Plumbing and Osteopathy – does it hurt when U-bend

I was chatting to a patient this morning and we gradually realised how similar our work patterns are. He is a plumber and his clients tend to fall into three discrete groups: emergencies, upgrades and maintenance. His maintenance clients tend to be those with boilers that need a clean and a once over every year. [...]

13 July 2012

Osteopaths say - Bye Bye BUPA

After 11 years working together I hate to say this but it is – “Bye Bye BUPA”. Here is a link to a fuller explanation of the changes that BUPA are imposing in their new contract www.save-osteopathy-on-bupa.org and here is my open letter:


BUPA are currently in the process [...]

19 February 2012

A Sunday walk with benefits

You probably know at least a few of the footpaths and walks and areas of interest near where you live. If you feel like sharing why not add your expertise to the open street map project. Get out on your bike or go for a walk and then add something to the map. It [...]

11 January 2012

First Aid: The modern way to do CPR

The British Heart Foundation have just brought out a new instructional video featuring Vinnie Jones that shows you how to do CPR on someone who is breathing but unconscious. Appropriately doing compressions to the Bee Gees song Stayin’ Alive helps reinforce the message and makes sure that the lifesaver keeps to the beat (100/min).


8 December 2011

When we understand consciousness will we understand pain

We still don’t understand exactly what consciousness is made of or where it resides. Lorimer Moseley gives a good summary of some of the latest hypotheses but sadly none of them answer the question definitively. The question is important because if we need consciousness to experience pain, as many believe, then to know more [...]

14 November 2011

A spinning class with a difference from Spain

Instead of pounding away to heavy metal or whatever compilation your instructor brings to the class, why not have live music while you spin. Something uplifting and traditional and very Spanish. “Spinning a ritmo de jota” from Zaragoza. Enjoy …


18 August 2011

Massage oil: a fire hazard

Wiltshire fire and rescue service has issued a warning about the risk of towels and linen catching fire. There have been several incidents recently in laundrettes, salons and homes where fires have started in tumble driers. The problem has been traced to low temperature wash cycles, sometimes as low as 15°C. At this temperature the [...]

17 April 2011

You are younger than you think

According to the television show QI you are probably much younger than you think. When you consider that your body is made up of cells and most of those cells are less than 10 years old, then even if you have just celebrated your 55th birthday most of your body is less than 10 [...]

10 February 2011

This might hurt – don’t look away

I wrote last year how mirrors were being used to treat phantom limb pain. Now they are being used in a slightly different way to carry out research into how the brain processes pain.

The researchers found that if you look at your hand, rather than looking away from it you can tolerate [...]

30 November 2010

How to deal with a sore throat

I have researched three methods and they work for me, usually, but not always. Let me know how they work for you.

Gargle with nasty cheap red wine. You know the wine that you get for free with a five euro lunch in France, it will be high in tannins and other phenolic chemicals [...]

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